​​The Monarch Film Festival was founded by Cristiana DiPietro and Matthew Kalamane.  Both are Independent Film Makers who grew up in Pacific Grove, CA.  Their goal is the bring cutting edge, artistic and original content to their beloved hometown from all over the world. 

The idea behind the festival is to not only showcase the latest in International blockbuster achievements, but to also be a place where local filmmakers of any age can show their artistic vision on the big screen.  This is the goal behind the "Local's Corner."  Whether you are a student, amateur or professional, if you are local to the Monterey area we want to showcase your film.  All film makers know the thrill of having your film seen on the big screen and we want to give that back to the community and its artists.  All in good taste of course.

Having the knowledge of how the Industry works gives Cristiana and Matthew a unique perspective on the Festival Circuit.  They hope that by experiencing the Festival world themselves as film makers, it will not only ease the submitter into choosing the Monarch Film Festival but to also reflect their commitment to the film industry in every aspect and will continue to be fair and encouraging to all Independent film makers alike.


Pacific Grove offers an unparalleled quality of life. Sharing borders with the Monterey Bay, City of Monterey, Pacific Ocean, and the Del Monte Forest, our town offers breathtaking views and recreational activities, as well as celebrates 
a long history of film making.

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